Getting Moore College Checklist_Page_22.

Created for "Getting Moore Vocal Coaching", Lauren Moore's company. She requested a pitch deck for future college students who were looking to go to school for musical theater. The PDF can be found below. 

Legends Poster .jpg

Designed for the Lighthouse Youth Theater Legends in Lockdown concert. The concert was organized by the non-for-profit group, and by the Lighthouse Legends (alumni) who performed in this concert. The design concept was to attract a younger audience, and considering it was around the time of Coachella, it seemed only fitting to pay tribute to the concert. 


Poster created for the Canes Film Festival at The University of Miami. Film and poster created by Kayla Moore. Film starring Serena Libertad.

Try it Tuesday.jpg

Poster conceptualized for a fundraising event for the Youth Mental Health Project. Along with teaching a dance class and performing in a concert that following Friday, Kayla Moore also designed a poster for one of the events she was running.